Team Effort: Strykers Reds Spin/Fast Bowling Duo Tore Through Continental’s Defences to Defend 145 Runs.

August 13, 2018

In a display of co-ordinated assault on a strong batting lineup, Strykers spin maestro Rajesh Kumar (5 wkts haul) paired up with deadly Haris Vohra (4 wkts) and tore through Continental’s batting order and won by 16 runs.

Earlier Illyas Nazari and Haris Vohra paired up and delivered one of the best opening bowling spell in season’s history. Where Illyas cornered the batsmen with his edgy pace, Haris from the other end applied himself fully to claim his 4 wickets haul.

Spin maestro Rajesh Kumar was almost unplayable and ended with another start performance of 5 wickets haul. Congrats Rajesh !

Earlier Strykers scored 145 with Sreeharsha Panguluri holding the entire inning together to ensure a defendable total on the board. Harsha’s 41 was crucial in setting up a total that became impossible for Continental to achieve.

A committed team effort ensured that bowling attack was well supported by the fielders in the field. Emotions ran high, field placements moved at a rapid pace, and a well-coordinated game plan was executed to perfection by the team who emerged victorious at the end.

Strykers team huddled around Illyas when he suffered a minor heat stroke and was transported to hospital by an ambulance.  After a few hours of uncertainty, the braveheart warrior of Strykers was all smiles after receiving necessary medical treatment at the hospital. A BIG Thank YOU to the entire team who huddled around their team mate and ensured his safety and wellness.




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