Throwback: The Strykers Decade (2011-2020)

February 22, 2020

Read this News Article on Sahan Journal: The COMMUNITY. The TEAM. The BROTHERHOOD. Get to know Strykers Cricket Club.

Founded in 2011, Strykers Cricket Club is cornerstone of the sport of cricket in Minnesota. Founded by a group of core 14 cricket enthusiasts, many of our surviving founding members are still actively playing cricket as Stryker. Over the years, we have had the privilege to host and support many new talented players and proud of the fact that we have over 95% retention rate. Thank YOU ALL !

As we celebrate our first decade as a living legend, it is important to take a peek back into what has been an amazing journey for Strykers Cricket Club.
The Strykers Decade
1. The only club in Twin Cities with a home ground in Eden Prairie
2. 501 c(3) non-profit organization supporting amateur (tapeball), semi-pro (hardball), and youth cricket
3. Well recognized and engaged youth cricket collaboration across Twin Cities. We have introduced the sport of cricket to more youth and adult than combined any other effort in the Twin Cities !
5. Consistently push boundaries of promoting the sport of cricket, we are the FIRST to have facilitated introducing Cricket in Virtual Reality in the US in partnership with REM5 VR Labs in Saint Louis Park MN
6.  Sustaining partnership with several cities around Twin Cities through youth and adult cricket initiatives. We continue to provide advisory to several cities on development and promotion of sport of cricket
7. Hotbed of cricket talent in the Twin Cities. Last year we had over 40 players on our club roster
7. Our talented players and administrators have served on local, regional, national (USA Cricket) and even international organization (International Cricket Council ICC Americas).
8. We have consistently fielded two strong teams, at times three, and continue to retain over 95% of our talent.
9. We have won several championships and have consistently ranked as top 1, 2 or top 4 seed in tournaments that we have played
10. We have the most active and vibrant regional and national participation on “Traveling Team” tournaments.
11. Our players have consistently ranked as top players in the Twin Cities.
12. With our leadership and player rotation policy fully enforced, we have created enough resource pool of leaders who will continue to drive our growth in the next decade.
… the list doesn’t end and will cover an entire chapter of a book if we are to write one.
A big THANK YOU all of Strykers leaders and players for their close collaboration and leadership on/off the field to continue to support the Strykers Organization and Strykers Family.

Special Thanks to following Club Leaders over the last decade whose contribution has made Strykers what Strykers is today:

Yusuf Mamsa (President)

Rehan Saeed (President,VP, Treasurer)

Sundar Krishnadas (President, VP, Treasurer)

Masaood Yunus (President, VP)

Sriram Sitaraman (VP, Advisor)

Syed Fawad Masood Raza (Captain, Advisor)

Pavan Chakraborthy (Captain, Advisor)

Pradeep Nalamada (Captain, Advisor)

Sreeharsha Panguluri (Captain, Advisor)

Mohammed Hameed (Captain, Advisor)

Rajesh Kumar (Captain, Advisor)

Shabbir Khan (Captain, Advisor)

Haris Siddiqui (Captain, Advisor)

Talha Shahid (Captain, Advisor)

Koti Vanga (Captain, Advisor)

Afzal Jalil (Advisor)

Muzaffar Rizvi (Advisor)


… and now off to the next decade. Go Strykers !



Founded in 2011, Strykers Cricket Club is a 501(c)3 organization and a premier cricket club based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Over a span of 7 years we have won more championships than any other club in the history of Minnesota Cricket.